“The rig went up like a champ.  I’ll be sending pictures soon.  Thank you for an awesome product and the installation advise. I couldn’t be more grateful for such an easy process and a hardcore product. Pictures to follow and  I’ll also send you the video that I’m sending in to Crossfit media featuring your rig in it.”
– Adrian Ngo – Virginia Beach, VA

“My first purchase from Roman Strength was the Mercy Sled…after having it for a week I had to have more.  I bought one more sled, then altas stones, then the War Hammer and my Roman Strength products just continued to grow.  They work,  they are reliable, and are sold at reasonable prices.  We have some mean workouts with Roman Strength equipment that leave people laid out!!  It’s good stuff, get you some!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                –Marco Hernandez – Owner, CrossFit R-K-U, El Paso, TX  www.crossfitr-k-u.com

“When we call Roman Strength for equipment, we know we are getting the best quality and service in the industry. We recently needed a bar holder that had to be to custom specifications, and were concerned about the logistics of having something created from scratch. Roman got the job done and had it shipped out a few days later. Needless to say, it was perfect. We would highly recommend Roman Strength to anyone looking for quality equipment!”
 – Joe Masiello – Co-Owner,  Focus Integrated Fitness, Inc., New York, NY www.focusnyc.com
“Great quality, very professional and on time as promised. What more can you ask for?  After 3 mercy sleds, 2 Roman Sleds, 2 bar holders, and the War Hammer, I had him do some custom work.  Couldn’t be happier.”
– Marc Duchene – Owner, Crossfit 915, El Paso, TX  www.crossfitelpaso.com
“I have been using Roman Strength equipment with Canutillo High School athletes for six months…..Mercy Sled, Roman Sled, Parallette Bars, and Farmers Walk Bars. The equipment is used daily by many of my athletes and has shown to be reliable and reasonably priced.  I’ll definitely be purchasing more equipment in the near future.”
– Ruben Galaviz – Canutillo High School Coach


Roman Strength equipment is definitely built to withstand heavy usage. We have been using Roman Strength’s equipment everyday for a year now.  It’s built to last and their service is second to none.”                                                                                                                                                                                                          – David Kneip – Owner, The Human Lab www.thehumanlab.net

“Roman Strength has been a great asset to us by being able to create what we imagine, starting with design and finishing with implementation. All of our PUSH members truly appreciate the great concepts we’ve been able to create through Roman & his amazing company. I’ve researched and scouted rigs across the country, box after box, gym after gym. None compare to what Roman Strength has built us. Really top quality equipment at a very affordable price. We are blessed to have Roman & his company in our own backyard of El Paso.”                                                                                                                                                                                                           – Justin Kaufman & Daniel Alvarado – Owners, PUSH Fitness & Athletic Training  www.push4fitness.com

“I am a persona trainer at Gym G and a fire fighter for El Paso, TX for the past five years…I also compete in the Firefighter combat challenge.  This year I was looking at how to change my training in need to combine cardio and weight training. Then I heard about Roman Strength. I looked it up and I liked what I saw. So I took a gamble and got some equipment from this guy and it was the best thing I ever did. Since then my body fat was cut nearly in half my strength was improved so much people ask me what am I on…LoL.  I feel faster, stronger and looked way better than I did last year. So for those hard core guys out there if your looking to step it up, this is the guy to come to.  His equipment will help you get your goal and then some…oh and one more thing, if you have an idea about some crazy equipment you want to make and don’t know how or where to go..Roman is your man “If you think of it he will build it” If you all want to try out some of these toys hit me up at Gym G
– Efrain Garcia –  Personal Trainer, Gym G  www.gogymg.com

” Roman Strength was awesome!  Answered questions, came in early to install our rig… frankly he “took care of us”!!!! “ Melissa Nunn – Trainer, Crossfit 915